Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why Are We Doing It

Staying at home to raise kids is considered crazy for many people these days. It is in part due to the fact that so many women are raising kids alone, or are the ones who bring the primary income for their family. The costs of living a comfortable modern life is rising steadily and so many women don't really have a choice to stay at home even if they would like to.

Feminists say that they are concerned about women's financial stability and it is understandable, but not every woman is in an unstable marital situation, and not every woman is comfortable with leaving her kids with other people most of the time even if they are family members.

I was raised by my grandmother with whom I have much stronger bond than with my own mother. It is not that I don't love my Mom. The cruel fact is that I haven't spend enough time with her to foster that bond.

As mother, I just wasn't prepared to share my kids in this way with anyone. Then as our kids were growing, we discovered that they are gifted. School system doesn't seem to favor gifted children, so I decided to home school them, and pretty soon my old passion for writing resurfaced again.

Staying at home allows me to foster both my mission to make sure my kids become all they were made to become, as well as, my personal growth in the area of writing and I'm just so glad that it works this well for me.

Every woman who chooses to stay at home has her own personal reasons for doing so and anyone who really cares about freedom of women should respect their choices.

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