Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Popular Myths about Stay-at-home Moms And Dads

Most people have a mental picture of a modern stay-at-home Mom as an unattractive woman in
overalls with perpetual rollers on her head who does nothing except watching soaps on TV, but reality is very different. If anyone wants to know what the daily life of these mothers really looks like, one must hear about it directly from them.

Women who choose to be with their kids don't have time for soaps because they are too busy investing their time into not only the life of their children, but also into getting involved in the community, and into developing themselves as individuals.

The view advocated by known feminist philosopher, Linda R. Hirshman, in recent years , who says that caring for children "doesn't require great intelect and is a waste of woman's potential" is also one of these myths.

Every mother knows that raising children who are going to achieve sucsess in life takes much more than giving them food, clothing them, and making sure they are going to have money for their post secondary education, though these are very important needs indeed. The multiple pressures of modern life that they are going to face requires them to be emotionally healthy and of a strong character. And to raise children who will have these necessary qualities takes a lot of intelect , wisdom, and time on the part of both parents, especially mothers. It is the greatest investment any parent can make and I say "parent" because more and more Dads opt for staying at home with their kids if the Mom cannot, which is great. But sadly they too are not treated very well for that in our society either and they too face similar stereotypes.

It is time to break them. Multiple studies repeatedly show that children who have at least one parent at home during formative years are more emotionally stable and have better academic results. Perhaps even more telling are long range studies of adults who were homeschooled as children, who show a much greater rate of success not only in academics, but also in their family lives tending to  have more successful marriages than their peers who were educated in public schools and who had both parents working, so parents do not lot any one put you down for choosing to stay at home. Your investment will pay off in ways that money cannot buy.

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  1. "unatractive woman with perpetual rolers on her head who does nothing except watching soaps on TV" LOL! :D But U are right. I think more moms should consider homeschooling. It's a great way to educate your kids! Believe me, I know! ;D