Friday, January 9, 2009

Emotional Health and Parenting

A few days ago, I listened to the lecture by a popular Canadian Medical Doctor and the author of several books,Gabor Mate. He talked about psychological make-up of addicts and he said something that encouraged me as a stay-at-home mother and parent.

He said that people in modern times become so much more vulnerable to addictions when they lack close relationship with their parents; emphasizing that it doesn't pertain only to people who had dysfunctional parents, but also to those who's parents spent most of their time away from the children,working.

A small child or even adolescent doesn't think in terms of having his financial future secured; he just knows that his emotional needs are not met and may even come to conclusion that his parents don't love him since they don't spend time with him very much. And it is that belief of being unloved that drives people towards addictions of various kinds later on in life.

It made me feel vindicated. What I am doing and many of you are doing is investing in our children's emotional health and their future. Saving money for our kids' education is not everything because they will just waste it if they are not emotionally healthy when the time for College or University comes.

I'm not saying that working parents are bad because they work and parent at the same time. If they can still make time to meet their children's emotional needs, then it is great. However, if they can't, then they should not be afraid to decide for one of the parents to stay home.

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  1. I have said that from the very beginning. When children do not get what they need from home, they search for it elsewhere and that usually leads to pregnant teens, strung out on drugs and alcohol.

    I am so glad that God convicted me two years ago and told me to come home and be the mom and wife that my family needed!

    I love your blog. I found it through CSAHM.