Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Path to Fulfilment

Those who criticize stay-at-home mothers often argue that staying at home robs women of the chance to reach fulfilment in life. With me it is the very opposite. When I finished my High School and had to choose a career path, I had no idea what to do. My interests were very broad and I just couldn't decide who I wanted to become. My father warned me sternlythat if I did not act soon being a mom would become my profession and of course he meant it in a very negative way that outside of being a mother I would never accomplish anything in life.

His words partially came true as not long afterwards I met the love of my life, a wonderful man who not only is my loving husband and the father of my children, but who supports me in fulfilling my potential.

Being at home gave me a unique opportunity to find out whom God made me to be, to write, study, and enjoy time with my children and develop my talents as well as interests. It is something I would never be able to do, had I just gone out to "get a job."

I think many of you should also see the time you stay at home with your children as an opportunity to do something more meaningful with your life than just working for the sake of working. Maybe there is a hobby that you always dreamed of pursuing, but never had the time;or you would like to change your career path. This is a great time to do this. And if being at home for your family is what gives you most joy and satisfaction in life, then there is nothing wrong with that either.


  1. Delighted to meet you! Just found your site via CSAHM. I just started this blogging adventure a few months ago, but continue to be amazed at the joy, encouragement, and faith that I find.

    Keep writing, the world is reading.

    Hugs from this missionary mommy,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. I agree with you, it IS fufilling! Noone else can raise our kids. I went through school and have a master's degree, but you know what? Someone else can do my job but noone else can be a mom to my kids.
    In general, kids these days are not doing well. They need our support, guidance and love. Right ON to all of the moms who take on this very important and underappreciated responsibility!