Friday, November 26, 2010

Home Education a.k.a Homeschooling

Many of us stay-at-home mothers are also home educators. This is known as "home education" or "homeschooling." It is a legal option that parents in countries such as Canada or United States have.

If you are not familiar with this type of education, you might wonder why some parents do that. Well, they do that for many different reasons. Some parents might feel that the public school system does not meet their children's educational needs. Others do this because it is more flexible. Children do not have to change schools every time parents have to move,  if one parents' job requires moving to another city, or even another country.

Every family might have very different reasons for their decision to homeschool. I decided to do that for  sheer benefits of it that I saw in homeschooled children of my friends, but soon I found out that it provided better opportunity for my children to develop their unique academic, as well as emotional needs.

They showed very early interest in learning and discovering the world around them, and so they moved through various developmental stages quite fast. Both of them spoke in full sentences and knew alphabet by the age of two. Both were early readers ( my older daughter started reading at the age of 3) and both could read and write before they could formally enroll in school, which made them 2-3 grades ahead of their peers.

So, you might say that I homeschooled from the very beginning. My two daughters, Estera and Grace, are nine and eight years at the time I first wrote this post, now ( 2015) they are 13 and 14 years old and being homeschooled through High School. In the following posts, I will share some things I learned about home education during all these years.

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  1. I'm sure i'll homeschool my kids too (when I have them!) :D