Monday, February 10, 2014

Nurturing The Love of Learning

One of the fantastic parts of being a stay-at-home Mom and an educator is that I can take active role in my children's learning process. I have the opportunity to look at the world from their perspective and it looks so exciting. 

The squirrels are not just cute animals, but  fascinating objects of study. We learn so much by observing how smart they are, how they communicate not only with calls, but also by their body language.

We notice different smells in the air, colors, and textures in the world around us and most oif all, we have fun with. I don't think, I would  have ever stopped and even noticed all these things if it were not for my children and their constant hunger for knowledge, new experiences, and their observations.

The questions sometimes seem endless. How does the brain work? Well, we better tell them how it works if we demand that they use it. LOL

Why some eggs are white and others brown? What is in a black hole? Can anything go faster than the speed of light? And this is how every learning adventure begins. All we have to do, is to be willing to follow their lead.

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