Sunday, September 28, 2014

Supporting Parental Care Could Save Governments Billions

Despite the fact that children of stay-at-home parents are shown through various long term studies to be more adept socially and more successful academically as well as more likely to find and hold onto jobs in adulthood, most governments tend to support financially families where both parents are working full time outside the home.

While parents are now looking for more options and more choices regarding child care. More and more of them are realizing that state sponsored full day daycares are largely a failure resulting in overcrowded kindergartens where children do not get the one on one attention that they need in order to develop their full potential.

Parents in many countries are therefore becoming more creative by running businesses out of their homes to be able to be with their children and still provide for the family.

But what if the governments gave equal support to stay-at-home parents as they do for parents with outside careers?

It would cost them less in tax payers money and would solve many problems such as overcrowded kindergartens and schools as well as adolescent delinquency later on.

Governments right now are paying anywhere from $11,000 to as much as $24,000 Canadian per child over one year period for childcare of  children whose parents are employed outside the home while stay-at-home parents do not receive anything  near that even though the taxes they pay go to these programs.

That is why it is so refreshing to see organizations such as Kids First Canada addressing such inequality by lobbying governments for change in this area.

Through a combination of tax relief for the families of stay-at-home parents and direct payments of the money that would otherwise go to the kindergarten programs anyway, governments could save billions of dollars because parental child care does not cost as much as state provided childcare since the only ones to be paid are parents and not the entire chain of bureaucracy that is involved in publically run kindergartens.

I think that as stay-at-home mothers and Dads we should make our voices to be heard more, so that governments are informed as to the reality of child rearing and are not making policies that would benefit everyone and not just the parents who choose one particular child rearing style.

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