Saturday, April 11, 2015

One Day Challenge

Have you ever wondered what a typical day in someone else’s life is really like? Do they always have it together as they seem to? What does your typical day look like? I decided to pick a random day, document it and then share it with you all. It is a bit risky. After all, you never know how your day will go. It might begin really nice until late afternoon when someone has a break down over some issue that came totally out of the left field.

We all have those days sometimes and we tend to remember them more than those that went relatively well for us. This morning I didn’t know how it is going to be, but I decided as I do on most days to trust God for it and have a positive outlook.

I woke up together with my husband at 8 AM relatively rested. We ate breakfast before our daughters woke up. Then, a cute squirrel which we nicknamed Roxy came asking for her breakfast. Standing up on her hind pas she asked for the nuts, but we happened to run out. Fortunately, I put out some apple cores on the balcony, so she could at least eat that, but I knew she is going to show up for lunch, so I got ready and went to Giant Tiger to get her some unsalted peanuts.

After I came back it was already 9 AM, so I woke the girls up with a kiss and began preparing their breakfast. My husband did the dishes and we both had our morning Bible Study. I was glad that I could have it today that it wasn’t one of these days when I wake up late and rush through everything frustrated. It ended with one of my favourite sayings of Jesus, “Come to me you all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” I prayed in my heart that He would give me His rest today as I go through all my activities and vowed to remember that I am not alone with them.

Then I went to do one load of laundry while my husband cooked lunch. I am very blessed to have a husband who helps me with those daily chores whenever he can without me having to ask him. Him cooking lunch surely allowed me to do that laundry without rushing and what do you know, my older daughter already began her math lesson all on her own even before our official “schoolwork” time began. She is very good at organizing her time and doing her work, though to be fair, she knows that I am going to reward her for it in one way or another...

After lunch we had a little relax time, I kissed my husband and sent him off to work. Then I sorted my laundry, sent a quick e-mail to one of the new homeschooling Moms whom I did not see for a while and coaxed my younger daughter to do her math lesson, she grunted but went to do it anyway. One hour later and only few problems into it, she requested a break because it is such a long lesson, so I decided to go with it and allowed her to have a geography lesson with her older sister. They are both doing High School material now and take some courses together. The lesson was a Doc Zone documentary about changing weather patterns in Canada and all over the world and how cities and entire countries cope with those changes as well as how they adapt To better face them in the future.

I reward my older daughter’s diligence with some free computer time and send the younger one for bath, then get on the phone with my mother who lives in Poland. Thankfully, this conversation goes well too. It not always does. I love my Mom, but she does not know the Lord yet and often makes bad decisions. Sometimes I feel that I am more like a mother than like a daughter to her, but I realize that I cannot save her, that she must decide to trust God for herself before things can fall into place for her, so instead of getting frustrated I decide to love her despite of her failings and leave everything else to God.

After my younger daughter comes out of the bath, I ask her to finish her math work before we can have some fun watching a CBC show called, “Canada’s Smartest Person.”
She gets back to it, while I get started on baking bread while reading a chapter from one of the books that I am currently reading. The time when the bread does the rising is the time I can read. Sometimes we Moms just have to multitask! But my daughter stomps in with the red eyes frustrated with the math before I get to finish the chapter, so I put the book aside and go to her aid. It so happened that in her rush to just finish it, she made a mistake that caused several of her problems to have a wrong answer. We caught it and I showed her how it should be done, walked her with couple more polynomials and went back to my reading and bread making. By the time my daughter finally finishes her math, the bread goes for the second rising and we are ready to watch the show. We laugh, but we also learn that everyone is smart in some way and that a person who is smart with music, might not be as good at solving puzzles. We try some challenges with the contestants and we find that each one of us is better at some of them than with others.

Afterwards, we eat dinner and do the dishes after which we dive into our evening Bible study. We finished the New Testament and now we are going through the Old Testament, witnessing how God beautifully arranges the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca. I send the girls for their free down time in their room while I set out to chronicle this day. I did not get to do everything I planned, but I did most without any break downs along the way, so it was a good day, during which I went through my labours having God’s rest.

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