Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Stay-at-home Parents Do All Day?

It is sad, but the modern society is still not very understanding of stay-at-home parents at all. What does she/he do all day? Is a common question in the minds of those who work outside their home for a living even if it is unspoken. Somehow those people think that if one does not drive to the office to work, then one stays home and does nothing at the worst, or at best she or he ( men are stay-at-home parents too) has all the time in the world, so that family or friends can call or visit any time they want without any proper notice.  

But believe it or not, we stay-at-home-parents have lots of things to do and must follow a schedule in order to get them accomplished. Many of us work, yes work, out of our homes while housekeeping and parenting, and that is not just one full time job, but three!  If we homeschool on top of all that, then it is four jobs that we are doing every day.

 That is why whenever I want to meet with someone, talk over the phone, or Skype, I have to make time for it. And in order to make the time for it, I need at least one day notice, otherwise a prospective visitor will find that I do not open the door because my phone is turned off while I am busy, or he /she will not find me at home at all because this is not where I spend all my time. I do go out !  My kids have extra curricular activities to attend to, we are regulars at the local library, and when there is a good weather outside, we spend an active time outside together. So, there it is what I do whole day.

I honestly cannot sometimes understand how some parents who work outside their home for a living can have time for watching TV or playing Facebook games after they come home from work to their families, but it is their call to make. I know for one that I do not have time for these things, but everyone has their own priorities. However, I greatly admire those parents, very often mothers, who do a great deal at home in addition to their full time jobs outside the home because I understand how much effort it takes. I would very much appreciate if they in turn did not assume that I had all the time in the world either.

I am sure that if you are stay-at-home parent, then you met those kinds of attitudes as well, but if you do not,  please be understanding of stay-at-home parents and do not treat their work as something less than yours, just because it is not being done at the office.

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