Sunday, January 31, 2016

Five Ways to Shave off Calories And Lose Weight For Good

As stay-at-home mothers, we have a unique opportunity to be able to set our own schedules, make
our own foods, and control what we and our families eat. Helping not only ourselves, but our children to develop from the start healthy eating habits is crucial. Below are some strategies that we used as a family with great results.

We all know that dieting doesn’t work because only permanent changes will bring permanent results, so stop wasting time on getting on and off of diets, but make few simple changes that over time will help you not only to lose weight, but to keep it off for good.

While adding a regular moderate exercise is a good way to burn some more calories and will benefit you in many ways, it is far more important for your long term health to make permanent changes to your diet because eating those unnecessary calories can add on to extra weight far faster than exercise can burn it. Healthy eating habits constitute 80% of your success.

So, let us dive into those five changes that will help you achieve it. Even if you make only one of these changes per year, you will see the results on the scale. But of course people who have more weight to lose usually see faster and greater results, so if you are one of those people who struggle to lose those last 10 pounds, it will probably take you a bit longer and in addition to permanent changes in your eating habits, you would benefit from adding on more exercise as well. So, here it goes.

Drink Water Instead of Pop

It is clear that regular pop packs in lots of calories because it is loaded with sugar, but even sugar free variety can cause you cravings and if it is sweetened with artificial sweeteners, it will increase your belly fat, which is very bad for you.  Not to mention that high acidity will make your bones weak in a long term, so take that out of your daily routine and your body will thank you. But in order for you not to feel deprived, you can allow yourself some diet pop on special occasions as a treat, but not something you drink on regular basis. And to make the transition easier, you can also replace it with drinking tea sweetened with Stevia.

Eat Ancient Whole Grains Instead of Modern Wheat

Now, this one alone helped me to lose 15 pounds in little more than a year. Modern wheat is cross bred in a way that makes it lower on protein and other nutrients and higher on starch and a complex version of gluten that stimulates your appetite, so that you not only you eat more of it even if it is whole grain variety than the same product made out of ancient whole grains, but you also eat more of other foods. My husband and I learned to bake our own breads with ancient grains such as spelt and every one of our guests always feels completely satisfied with just one slice of it and so will you.

Keep Portions of Meat and Carbs Small While Increasing Your Portion of Veggies

While you need your protein and complex healthy carbs in your diet, you really don’t need to eat too much of it, so lowering the portions of them while increasing the portion of veggies will help you to lower the intake of your calories while keeping you satisfied with fiber found in veggies. It will also make your meal way more nutritious. One example of it would be cooking half of the potatoes you would usually use for mashed potatoes and replace it with parsnip and/ or sweet potato and eating it with a small serving of fish and garden salad.

Eat Light Dinners

Eating late heavy meals will add on pounds like nothing else. You can prevent that by eating bigger meals at lunch time and eating light small dinners such as home-made soups, salads, or natural yogurt with berries. The more you eat before bed time when your metabolism typically slows down, the more weight you will gain, so eat more for breakfasts and lunches, which will increase your metabolism and give you more energy and you will find that you will not be very hungry at dinner time and will be satisfied with a light dinner no later than 8 PM. This will give your body a good break from eating and will lower your insulin levels, which according to the latest research is the real cause of obesity. This is what people in Europe have been doing for centuries and it makes Europeans on average much slimmer than an average American, so eat like a European.

Eat More Whole Food Meals and Less Pre-Packaged Ones

Whole foods are basically foods that are not processed and have only basic ingredients. For example it is better to cook some oatmeal, add a little honey and sprinkle it with some dry fruits and nuts than to eat a pre-packaged version even when it has lots of healthy claims on the label because there is a lot more sugar, sodium, and other less than healthy ingredients in it than in the oatmeal that you make at home. Home-made foods will always pack fewer calories than the ones from the box. They will also cost you a lot less money. So, stop eating from the box of any kind on regular basis and your waist will be slimmer while your wallet fatter. What a wonderful combination!


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