Thursday, September 22, 2016

Getting Organized

It is  September, which means that we are still getting organized and transitioning from summer break
 to our full homeschooling schedule. This year we are doing it a little more school like. I ordered text books for all the subjects that are aligned with Ontario curriculum, so it will be a little easier for us time wise.

In the previous years we were using minimal text books. We were still following the Ontario curriculum requirements for all the courses, which allows me to call tem equivalent to those courses and gives any educational institution a better idea of what the girls know, but I used to use more as Charlotte Mason called it "living books," biographies or interactive educational books found at the public library.

We also used a lot of documentaries on various subjects as well as online materials such as the or for languages. We are still using those now in addition to text books to make our studies more interesting, but now I don't really have to count all 120 hours in order to give them the credit for a course as completing a text book that has everything in it that supposed to be taught is equal to 1 credit even  if it takes less time.

So this year will be easier in some ways as I will not have to come up with my own activities, assignments, tests, and quizzes since they are part of our books. There are many ways and methods of learning, but what I love the most about our homeschooling journey is the enjoyment of the process itself. I love when my girls' eyes light up at something new and interesting they have learned and that they often go well beyond our "school activities" in their learning. Whenever any subject interests them, they research it both online and at the library just for the fun of it, though I still give them a credit for that if it happens to overlap with some of the school subjects they are currently studying.

I have also managed to organize our weekly planner for the lessons. We do 4 subjects per each one of the 5 school days, which helps us to  keep track of everything and make sure that all the work will be completed on time. However, if something comes up, we might do fewer lessons one day and then make up for them on another day. I think that this flexibility will be one of the things I will miss the most from the homeschooling years.

Author's Note: Image used courtesy of a  fellow blogger who has great tips on getting organized, for more details simply follow the link below:

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